Class Outlines

                      2009.09.16 1 Probabilistic Structure of the Ocean Surface

                 2009.09.18 2 Ocean Wave Spectral Form

                 2009.09.23 3 Probability and Spectrum Relation

                 2009.10.02 Quantization_of_complexity

                 2009.10.07 Quantization of complexity (partII)

                 2009.10.09 Introduction to HHT

                 2009.10.16 HHT Matlab Functions

                       2009.10.21 HHT resources

                 2009.10.28 HHT_Training_Sifting

                 2009.10.30 2a1 Spline Interpretation ABC

                                  2a2 End Effects of EMD

                 2009.11.06 2b Confidence Limit

                                  Length of Day data and  program for intermittence

                 2009.11.11 2c a Ensemble EMD I

                                  2c b Ensemble EMD II

                 2009.11.13 2i Trend II

                   On the trend, detrending, and variability of nonlinear and 

                   nonstationary time series (pdf)

                       Program for Excessive Extrema

                2009.11.18 2e CO2 Wavelet

                2009.11.20 6 Instantaneous Frequency

                2009.11.27 7 Time Frequency Analysis WignerVille  

                                            8 Marginal Spectrum

                                            9 Paradoxes for Instantaneous Frequency

                     2009.12.02 6a End Effects of Hilbert Transform

                                 3 Probability and Spectrum Relation

                2009.12.09 Mean VS Medium

                                 On Global Climate Change Science

                2009.12.11 11 HHT Stationarity


                2009.12.23 Null Space Pursuit

                                 (abstract) (ppt) (paper)

                2009.12.25 0 MyProblemswithDeepWaterWaveStudies2008

                                 1 HHT NDE Bridge and Damping

                                 2 Stability Spectral Analysis


            Class Homework  (due 31 December 2009)

            Home work and final examination


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